bath salts

Bath salts is smelly salt that you sprinkle into your bath for a relaxing and soothing tub.

The bath salts I created
The bath salts I created

Did you know ~ That bath salts have minerals that make our skin soft, relax our muscles and reduce illness?

For my bath salts I used:

~1 cup of sea salt

~2-3 drops of essential oils

~Pink food colouring

~2 tablespoons of baking soda

Method: Just add ingredients into a bowl, and voila! I would suggest to put bath salts in an airtight container, out of reach of children.

I would highly recommend to buy or make this product yourself.

Georgia ♥


Social Media ~ Instagram

Instagram is a popular social networking app, that enables you to send photos and videos to your followers. If you have your account on private, you can choose your followers (followers are people that can see your posted videos and pictures) or you can have your account on public, so anybody can access your photos and videos (I would not recommend this option for privacy reasons)

This app is used for communication to friends and family.  I have my own account, and I believe Instagram is a great app to use, if it is used appropriately. Cyber bullying can be on this app and towards you, so make sure you are always cybersafe. I approve of this app, and I would suggest you try this app out if you haven’t already.

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Remember: Stay safe on the internet and social media platforms!

Georgia ♥

Dry Shampoos

Product Review ~ Batiste Dry Shampoo

Hi! Today I am reviewing Batiste’s Dry Shampoo. I would recommend this easy to use product. It doesn’t leave white lines behind, has a great scent and leaves any hair type looking washed and beautiful.

From most stores, the shampoo is $8 to $10. It has a good amount of shampoo in the bottle, and has an effective pretty packaging. When the shampoo is sprayed onto hair, it comes white, but with a quick massage of your hair, it disappears completely. The smell is really sweet, but strong.  The shampoo works well, it gives unwashed hair a refresh (but doesn’t replace shower shampoo) It makes hair fluffy, easy to brush and soft.

What would you rate this product?


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Comment below if you have tried this product before, or would like to give the product a go. I would personally rate this product 9/10.

Georgia ♥